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software developer, mathematician, entrepreneur

I have built and then deprecated a service called that provided users with an email address they can use at a shop for receiving receipts. The service filtered all the spam out and left only receipts so you could quickly access them from one place. However, usage of the service had not picked up and I decided to shut it down after about 6 weeks. What I am happy about is that I have tried Google Cloud Platform for the first time and played with some cool technologies. As usual, screenshots below.

"Remote Desktop Solutions for Your Home" is an article I wrote about my experiences of moving the computations from my laptop to a desktop machine and using the laptop as a thin client.
Check out a package delivery service that we have built over the last couple of months at You can simply register a package and we will find someone who can deliver it for you at a reasonable price.
My master's thesis titled "Iterative Methods for Solving Systems of Linear Equations: Hyperpower, Conjugate Gradient and Monte Carlo Methods" has finally been accepted by the University of Manchester. You can find the full thesis HERE.
Most of my time is currently going towards a vehicle route management and tracking application called Let Me Geo. It is a web and mobile application that allows efficient distribution management. Try it out at
Made an experiment in HTML Canvas: Circles
We have finally finished our first public release version of our mobile Android game "Hedgehog in the Fog"! You can try it out at the Google Play store HERE.
Finished a bachelors degree at University of Manchester just to start my studies again. This time I'm doing a PhD in Numerical Analysis (Applied Mathematics). Same university, same faculty.
Started doing a summer placement at ARM main headquarters in Cambridge at Media Processing Division this week.
I visited the Global GameJam'10 location in London last weekend. The result - a game called "Natasha - Soviet Plumber Princess". You can check it out HERE. The main theme for the games was "deception" and that sort of explains the strange game mechanics.
Finished a purely video project. The music track is by Spotless & Mill and it's called "So Pure". You can watch the video on YouTube HERE. Most of it was done using just Blender.
I want to show you something I have done not related to computers or math (not in an obvious way, that is). I have restored and repainted my >10 year old bike. I really like the new paint job.
Looks like I've successfully completed my Google Summer of Code 2009 project. I worked on optimizing Blender's viewport rendering. Some coder oriented documentation can be found here and I hope my code will soon be merged into the main 2.5 development branch. Thanks, Google!
A demo for NVScene 2008 demoparty, called Yin.
Download(requires DirectX10).
Vimeo (video)
A better quality video
Presenting you "Chill City". Placed 13th out of 24 at Breakpoint 2008 demoparty. Download HERE. For those, who do not have decent video cards, someone ripped it to youtube HERE and some screenshots below:
It's an old side-scrolling game I made, called "Run!". I forgot to mention it in my current website:

Download HERE.
Ok, so I made another demo for the Breakpoint 2007 demoparty (thanks to Fleshbrain for the music, wxing for the rhino and prm for the graphics). As always, screenshots:

I was more concerned with the technical part, so do not expect any hidden meaning. It placed 18th, so I'm probably not making any final improved version.
By the way, Iterate won the breakthrough performance award.
The next iteration of chillosophy has arrived :). An improved user interface, new tracks and new graphics. Enjoy. Download HERE.
Another production coded by me. This time I was involved in a group, called Brainstorm. It is a musicdisk. Download HERE.
Another production from me HERE. This was for a little contest. It's a Konica Minolta presentation. Since I was the only contestant, I won :). But I don't really like what I have done. Runs on most hardware without any problems.
I finally managed to get the demo working on most hardware and found the source of one bug (bad drivers). The final version is HERE and some screenshots here:
Returned from Assembly'06 this morning. My demo "Iterate" placed 9th out of 14 in the combined demo compo! I am quite satisfied with the results.
Two screenshots of my progess. Presenting you, particle and curve fun.
I've been doing all sorts of stuff lately. At first I wrote a simple texture generator with a few filters, like perlin noise, twirl, add, substract and so on. I have also been developing my engine for use with demos (wrote a scene exporter for blender, coded a bit), but ran into some major problems. My engine keeps on crashing and I don't know what the problem is. So the project is on halt. In addition, I've been preparing myself for the upcoming Lithuanian Computing Olympiad. Great fun! If someone knows a good source to learn different sorts of algorithms, please, mail me one.
I was unable to connect to my database for a while. That explains the lack of news posts.
It's getting harder and harder to control the process of making a game engine, as the project is getting larger. I guess I need some UML diagrams of the whole structure. Or I can draw everything the old fashioned way: on the paper.
I missed the deadline of 4 elements contest. School ate up most of my time and I was too tired to work on the game ( a very simple excuse :) ).
Work on the game for the contest is going smoothly. I made a simple list of things to do on a piece of paper. Doesn't seem much to do, but it sure is.
The game editor finally looks like a game editor! It even does something practical.
Working on 4 Elements Contest entry. Now I'm in the game editor phase. I hope i will finish the game in time( what doesn't seem likely to happen ).
You don't really see the beauty of a 4k or 64k intro until you try to make one yourself. I was making one for a few days and today watched some other, shown at Breakpoint'05. I was truly amazed! And this rule applies to anything.
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